ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty.


Our dedicated local staff are changing the world with women and girls. We are ending violence and fighting poverty so that all women, everywhere, can create the future they want.


A just, equitable and sustainable world in which every person enjoys the right to a life of dignity, freedom from poverty and all forms of oppression.



To achieve social justice, gender equality, and poverty eradication by working with people living in poverty and exclusion, their communities, people’s organisations, activists, social movements and supporters.



Gender discrimination means that women are more likely to be in insecure, low-wage jobs, be paid less for the same work and have limited access to land and loans.

If women in developing countries were paid as much as men and had the same access to jobs as men, they could be US$9 trillion better off.

ActionAid supports women to access secure jobs in safe working environments, free from all forms of violence. Women must be paid living wages that are equal to men's, enjoy social protection such as paid maternity leave, and the burden of unpaid domestic work that falls to women must be reduced.

This is vital in enabling women to have control over their own lives.